Common Questions about Beds

What type of bed should I choose if I have a bad back?

At least 60% of all adults experience some type of problem with their back. Sleeping on a bad mattress is just one factor that contributes to this condition. People who sleep on a hard and stiff mattress are more likely to experience some type of back pain. However, this problem can be eliminated or reduced with the use of a comfortable mattress. A mattress should be firm enough to support a person’s body and but soft enough to make a person feel relaxed while they sleep.

What types of beds are best for asthma sufferers or other types of allergies?

Dust mites and other microscopic creatures will naturally collect on mattresses over time. People who regularly clean their mattress will experience fewer problems with their allergies or with conditions such asthma. Many beds are now being manufactured with anti-dust mite fabrics and people can also purchase bedding that is made out of this fabric.

Are foam mattresses hot?

Foam mattresses are made out of a dense material that provides more insulation than a typical box spring mattress. This means that foam beds will cause a person’s body temperature to increase because they trap more heat from a person’s body. While this feature is great for the winter months it might not be as appreciated during the summer months. Manufacturers are now creating foam mattresses that trap less body heat and provide cooling effect for a person’s body.

What should I pay for a good mattress?

A good mattress will vary by price depending on brand, type of material used to make the bed and its size.

What happens to an old mattress?

Many mattresses are now being recycled. Manufacturers will usually take away old mattresses after they deliver a new set to a person’s home. Recycled mattresses should have an NBF tag on them. Sometimes, old mattresses are crushed up and sent off to a landfill.

What type is better-tufted or quilted?

Tuft is pocket spring mattresses that need springs to keep the unit together. Quilted mattresses have a smoother surface because the tufts are often hidden deep within the unit. Most mattress companies agree that quilted mattresses provide a better quality of sleep over the tufted variety. I have just invested in a 2000 pocket sprung double mattress, and it is excellent.

Will I notice any difference between rigid and flexible slats?

Rigid slats provide better support for a bed but are less comfortable. Flexible slats provide more comfort but a bed will not last as long with these type of slats.

My mattress is not the same size as the base.

If a person experiences a difference between the size of their base and mattress this could result of using two different brands. Many bed frames are not standard for all bed sizes. In other words, a queen size bed frame might not fit a specific brand of queen-sized beds simply because a particular manufacturer might make them slightly bigger or smaller than the standard queen size rating. The consumer should buy their frames and mattresses from the same place to avoid this problem. Bed owners should also realize that mattresses can sometimes change their size when they are being transported to their home. If this happens, a bed will usually regain its original shape after a person begins to sleep on it.