How to Organize – Room Organization

No matter which way you use your bedroom, it is important to have a clutter-free and organized space in order to be comfortable. If you can afford it, the best way is to simply have floor to ceiling fitted bedroom wardrobes, but because of cost, this may not be an option.

Nowadays, bedrooms are used for many different things. Some people shop for a bed online and that is about it, as they only use their bedrooms just for sleeping. Others have a bedroom, sitting room, kitchen, and dining room all in the same space! No matter which way the room is used, room organization is important to have a comfortable space to sleep and relax. Here are some tips on how to organize a bedroom to make it a peaceful and more organized place to spend time in.

Planning to Organize the Room

First, there needs to be a plan. Think of what activities are performed in the room, besides sleeping, and then determine their priorities. For example, if the activities in the room are exercising, watching TV, and surfing the internet, there are three areas that need focus, and therefore three areas that need to be separately dedicated for those activities. Have this information written down in a list for each activity.

Write down:

What items are required to do each activity.
The approximate amount of time each activity is done (the priority).
How much space is needed for each activity.
Where any of the required items can be stored.

Then start by sketching the room. This will save headaches and muscle pain, if the end result was not what was visualized. A good idea is to cut out the space requirements for each activity and then place the cut-outs in different locations of an accurately measured sketch of the room. Try not to squeeze too much into the room as it will feel cramped and uncomfortable.

How to Organize-Room Organization Overview

Second, it is time to organize. Room organization, like home organization, requires purging, sorting, replacing, and maintaining.

First purge:

Start by throwing away any rubbish that is under the bed or piled up. This will immediately make the room look tidier and will create more space to organize everything else in the room.

Then go through the closet, drawers, any other storage areas and be ruthless with what you purge and throw away!
Once you have sorted everything, be sure to keep it in its designated place. If the room is to stay organized, then you will have to be consistent with where you put your things. If you don’t have room for all your belongings, consider self storage London solutions.

Lastly, keep it up! Its great to have a tidy bedroom but its even better to keep a tidy bedroom!