Top Tips for a Successful Move

My friend Andy who runs, a Bristol removals firm, and has lately helped some people move abroad, tells me it may seem very tempting to move overseas, but before you make such a monumental decision, you need to ask yourself if you really have everything that is needed for living in a foreign country. Moving overseas can be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience. However, it also takes a lot of willpower and planning.

Plenty of preparation is needed before moving abroad. You need a lot more than just a plane ticket and valid visa to have a fulfilling and rewarding experience while residing in a foreign country. The following advice for moving overseas might not seem all that romantic. However, if you follow this common sense advice, it will definitely benefit you while you are abroad. As you plan your overseas move, keep these following factors in mind.

If you are planning to move overseas, solid financial planning and financial stability are vital to your success and safety. You need to have a financial cushion that can cover unexpected or additional costs. Many people believe their cost of living will be much cheaper if they move overseas. However, there may be some factors that make living just as expensive, or even more expensive, as residing in your home country.

Even if you are moving to a country that has a supposedly “cheap” cost of living, life overseas can still end up being more expensive than what you were expecting. When you first move abroad, you will probably want the expensive expat lifestyle that comes with all of the amenities you were used to having at home. Trying to maintain a Western lifestyle, particularly in a third-world country, can be extremely expensive. In order for your expat experience to be successful, careful planning or being willing to adapt to local ways of living might be necessary.

You should line up some work opportunities before moving overseas, unless you are a student, retiree who has a decent retirement income or you are being transferred there by your employer.

If you do need to find work, make sure you become thoroughly familiar with the local job market in the country and area you are interested in living in. See whether the qualifications you have are in demand there. It might seem very Bohemian to work as a freelance language tutor, blogger or travel writer in one of the capital cities in Central Europe. However, before embarking on such an adventure, make sure to acquire a few business contacts that might help you with acquiring regular work and learn the basics of self-employment before you move abroad.

To find the best place to live overseas, you do need to let go of some of your romantic ideas. Think about what language skills you have as well as your physical constitution. Some climates and countries require you to be quite healthy. You need to be aware of whatever safety and health risks a specific country might possess.

An overseas move requires a lot of organizing and planning. There will be bureaucratic hurdles to deal with. Your finances and paperwork need to be in order, luggage must be packed and shipped, personal items will need to be stored or sold, etc. It is important that you are organized, thorough and patient when dealing with bureaucracy and all the details that moving abroad entails.